Since inception, Begum Jan Hospital (BJH) has made tremendous growth in various areas of healthcare services. The people of the area (since 1993) are very much attached with BJH and their trust helped to generalize the idea of a facilitated 50 bed hospital in the area.


Begum Jan Hospital is located on the main Lehtrar Road, Islamabad. In its vicinity, there are two villages i.e. Alipur and Farash (both centuries old), while the Farash Town is a modern residential scheme approved by Capital Development Authority (CDA), Islamabad. Farash Town history (1991) is approximately as old as of Begum Jan Hospital i.e. 1993. The population of these areas mostly depends on BJH for their healthcare services.


There were more than 2000 residential homes in Farash (2011) which multiplied so quickly with total population of lot more than 30,000. Begum Jan Hospital remained a trusted name for most of the population of this area.





At the beginning three room hospital was established with limited staff members where outpatient services (OPD) were introduced under the supervision of qualified professional staff in the region. The annual success and up gradation of the hospital is summarized as follows:

1994- Within a short span of 1 year, 24/7 Emergency Services were introduced, pioneer in the region.
1995- - Clinical Laboratory services were introduced
1996- X-Ray 100 MA small unit was installed within the premises of hospital.

1996- ECG single channel Siemens machine was added.
1997- A medical store was attached with the hospital.
1998- Building was extended to multistory 50 bed hospital.
1999- Ultrasound grey scale was installed and diagnostics services were extended for the general and obstratic patients.
2000- Maternity and labor room services were added to the hospital setup.
2001-02- Indoor Admission and Operation Theatre (OT) services were added with procurement of new 30 beds. Defibrillator, ECG Machine 3 channel Cardio Fax Japan.
2003-04- X-Ray system was upgraded 1000 MA Siemens and portable unit 100 MA Hitachi.
2005-06-  Up gradation of Ultrasound Convex probe capisy Japan Toshiba
2007-08   Up gradation Laboratory services
2009-10- Specialist clinic were introduced ECG Machine 12 channel mortara USA with preview option was added.
2011-12 Colored Doppler echocardiography machine was added to BJH mortara USA with preview option. Another 12 channel mortara USA with preview option was added.
2013 State of the art model of FUJI CR X-Ray 125 MA installed in addition to Siemens 1000 MA, Hitachi portable machine 125 MA x-ray at radiology department of BJH.
2014 Dental Services and surgical unit is installed to ensure the dental care for patients.

2014 BJH has MOU with Federal Ministry of Health for the provision of T.B Dot Program Health Services from Begum Jan, which is part of Government Public-Private mix program without any service charges for the free delivery of T.B, Medicines, Consultations and contact tracing.

2015 BJH expanded its services and a new hospital named Specialists Clinics & Diagnostic Center (SCDC) was inaugurated.

2015 We have installed a modern orthopaedic operation theater with C-IARM X-Ray system in Operation theater and traction table Operation Theater. Again being the pioneer in the region as modern orthopedic health services.

Jan. 2016 With the onset of new year, BJH proud to be the part of Government health insurance scheme (PM-HIP) as a service provider to the poor community of the country especially Federal Capital Territory and Rawalpindi region.

Jan. 2016 (17th Jan. 2016) BJH started medical education services under the heading of White Coat Medical Academy and announced its first ultrasound training class for doctors and health professionals covering teaching and hands-on training of Ultrasound modality which is used as basic diagnostic tool in almost every branch of medicine and surgery.

Feb. 2016 BJH proudly announced the opening of ophthalmology department covering outdoor, indoor and operative Eye health services.