‘Our vision is to become a national leader of health care service providers by introducing seamless quality breakthrough innovation in medical advancements with a personalized experience.’ National leader refers to our goal of providing exemplary clinical settings that surpass healthcare delivery of competitors. We will also go for collaboration with other worthy organizations whose goals is improving healthcare of communities we serve. We also aims to be an 'employer of choice,' providing a highly rewarding environment for our employees. Seamless refers to unparalleled flawless service provision, timeliness and guiding patients across different care settings based on their needs. We will recruit and retain highly skilled physicians. We will build relationships with physicians to help ensure their long-term commitment to our hospital. Quality refers to an excellence range of services to offer the right care for patients at the right time. We will be both a high-quality and high-service provider and will be known for our timely acquisition of cutting-edge technology. Breakthrough Innovation refers to our goal of becoming an innovative organization that is always looking for a better way to provide a service or meet a community need. To be the model of service in our focused clinical service lines and in related patient-oriented research and clinical trials. Personalized Experience indicates that every patient will be provided an experience customized to his/her medical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs by focusing each patient as an individual. BJH has been involved in implementing public sector programs like TB Control program, Malaria Control Program, Immunization, Polio eradication and is committed to continue and enhance this partnership to maximum level.